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tete-direct-aiMASA Direct AI is an Integrated Development Environment that provides a high-level structured AI modeling language specifically designed to define the decisional process of agents in a simulation.

Direct AI allows you to reduce operating costs of all your simulation-based training programs. With Direct AI, you can model the decisional processes of simulated agents in complex and realistic environments.

Still expanding, and in use for over 15 years, Direct AI is innovative and proven technology. It is perhaps most renowned for its implementation as the AI engine in MASA SWORD, the world’s leading command post training wargame.

The Direct AI approach is:

  • Bottom-up:
      It relies on strong atomic adaptive behaviors, which can be combined to implement high-level behaviors
  • Multi-Objectives:
      Performs actions to attain a variety of objectives
  • Structured:
      Lets you develop a hierarchy of models for efficient reuse
      Models can be enhanced with new behaviors without the need for updates

Direct AI is unique AI middleware, combining high-level behaviors with atomic behaviors to describe doctrine. High-level behaviors are easy to create through behavior tree models, while atomic behaviors are native and adaptive behaviors based on a free flow hierarchy model.

This state-of-the-art AI technology is now readily available to anyone who wishes to cut operating costs incurred by complex training programs, and furthermore, by virtue of the integration of multiple autonomous agents, dramatically increase their realism.

MASA not only provides the technology, but through years of experience implementing solutions, also ensures AI is applied in line with its design principles/in the right way. As a result our partners avoid typical pitfalls during the integration process of decisional AI in their solutions.

In short, our expertise keeps time-to-market to a minimum, thereby guaranteeing you comfortably meet project constraints.