MASA LIFE is an Artificial­-Intelligence middleware designed to enable the creation of autonomous behaviors for simulations. From decision-­making to navigation and pathfinding, LIFE offers a visual and intuitive experience for character behavior design and easy integration.

Realistic simulations need to be populated with friendly forces, opponents and civilians, all of whom cannot be driven by human operators. LIFE enables the behavior designer to create and simulate a wide variety of engaging, autonomous characters that can become effective actors on the virtual battlefield.



Content : LIFE is delivered with out­-of-­the-­box military content, such as infantry or team leaders. These preset behaviors are effortlessly integrated into simulations and easily editable to meet any doctrine/need. In addition, it is simple to create customized behaviors from scratch and to build reusable content libraries.



Graphical editors : behaviors are designed in LIFE thanks to Behavior Trees. This technology is intuitive and designer-­friendly, empowering all kinds of users. A built-­in sandbox allows the pre-­vizualisation of the created behaviors and thus their inspection and testing.

Workflow : Users can quickly extrapolate created behaviors with a seamless workflow :

 Masa Life Schema



LIFE can be plugged into any simulation in minutes. To facilitate this, pre­integrated versions already exist for the most popular products (VBS2, VBS3, Unity3D, Havok Vision …). LIFE can also be easily integrated into customized simulation engines, tools and processes.


LIFE’s lean and scalable runtime is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, and more are to come…

The latest version of LIFE is 1.10. Click here for a sneak preview of some of its major new features !

You can try LIFE full version features before you buy. With a 30 DAYS FREE TRIAL you will have a full access to MASA LIFE authoring tool, all pre-integrations and SDK