Smarter Simulations

MASA’s solutions are uniquely designed to simplify and optimize the implementation of Artificial Intelligence capabilities for automating and driving simulated behaviors.

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SWORD is an extremely versatile tool allowing us to perform simulated training exercises at multiple levels, including the levels up to Commander in Chief. Another characteristic of SWORD is that not only can it be employed for training in the Defense domain, but also in the Public Safety and Risk Management domains.
It also allows for the combination of units from different organizations that participate in a Civil Defense operation.

Coronel Pablo Carrillo, director of the CIMSE (Centro de Investigación, Modelamiento, Simulación y Entrenamiento)

Using the SWORD simulation system we have made part-time personnel savings of about 50% and significant savings in the amount of computer hardware need to support this activity.

The simplicity of constructing scenarios, its ability to integrate the GIS information and its rich graphical interface make it a very easy tool to work with, ensuring that the manpower and computer power required are kept to a minimum.

Major Michael Chivers, Chief Instructor, Mission Command Training School of New Zealand


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